How to use FFT using the Open Music Labs Library?


I'm trying to design a system that can detect footsteps noises using a microphone. But honestly it's just to learn to use FFT. Problem is that I do not even know where to begin. How should the code start? It doesnt even have to be footstep noises, any noise. I want it to be able to pic out a certain sound from a group of sound. I want to be able to split the noise signals.

Can anyone help?

The FFT (actually, the Fourier transform) decomposes a given signal into a discrete collection of sine waves, with corresponding amplitudes, frequencies and phases.

This will tell you what frequencies are present in a signal and what amount of each, but it does not tell you whether that signal might represent a particular sound, like footsteps.

Look for introductory material on Fourier transforms on the web, before you start trying to figure out some code.

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