How to use float command in sensor MQ-3 and pulse sensor in arduino?

int pulsePin = 0;
int blinkPin = 13;
int value;
volatile int BPM;
volatile int Signal;
volatile int IBI = 600;
volatile boolean Pulse = false;
volatile boolean QS = false;

const int AOUTpin=1;

void setup(){

void loop(){
if (QS == true) {
Serial.println(" “);
Serial.print(“Detak Jantung :”);
Serial.println(” ");
QS = false;
value= analogRead(AOUTpin);

if(value < 350)
Serial.println(“Kamu Sadar”);

Serial.println(“Alkohol Terdeteksi :”);

if (value > 350 && value < 400)
Serial.println(“lebih dari satu kamu minum :”);

if (value > 400 && value<450)
Serial.println("Serius Kau Akan Mabuk : ");

if (value >450 )
Serial.println(“Kamu Peminum :”);

delay (500);


There is no command called float. float is a datatype. What is your actual question.

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I just want to ask how to change the float data type in this program how between pulse sensor with mq-3 on arduino

Which one? There are many variables there which are not floats. Which one do you want to change? What for? If we knew why you want to change, we may be able to suggest a better method.

Eh, this guy obviously doesn't want to talk about what he wants. He wants to post little one liners that give no information and waste our time. Stick him on the ignore list and let him rot if he values our time so lowly.