How to use FTDI breakout with MEGA

I feel like an idiot for not being able to figure this out easily, but alas such is the situation!

After accidentally frying the FTDI chip on my MEGA board by overloading the 3.3v pin, I am trying to salvage a useful board, since the CPU still runs fine. My primitive attempts at replacing the FTDI chip foobared the landing, so I purchased a "standard" FTDI breakout board from SparkFun.

I see the four solder pads on the motherboard near the RX/TX LEDs that seem like they ought to have some function like this, but it is clear that even with a 4 pin header installed, this doesn't map straight to the "standard" FTDI connector on the breakout board, which has 6 pins. Google searches have only turned up vague references to a "standard" (I seriously dislike that term) FTDI cable.

Can someone please tell me how to hook these up?

Here is a schematic of the Arduino Mega:

The four solder pads label X3 carry the optional serial control signals CTS, DSR, DCD and RI. They do not include the send data, receive data and DTR signals that you would need to wire to your external FTDI.

However if you can identify your external FTDI wires the FTDI receive data (from the PC) should wire to Arduino pin 0, FTDI send data (to the PC) should wire to pin1. Your FTDI DTR (or RTS) signal should wire to a series connected .1mfd cap and the other end of the cap should go to the Arduino reset pin. Arduino ground pin to your external FTDI ground wire and finally if your FTDI needs external power then wire it to a arduino +5vdc pin, if not and it's USB powered then don't connect a power wire.


That's what I needed to know. Thanks Lefty!

Note: The FTDI breakout pin labeled RXI has to connect to the Arduino TX0 pin; likewise, the TXO pin connects to RX0. This wasn't clear until I studied the schematics.