How to use HC-05 bluetooth module for finding nearby active bluetooth devices?

I want to make a decision making device by nearby active bluetooth devices using HC-05 bluetooth module with arduino nano but I stucked at programming algorithm to find active devices.

It is similar as arogya setu app's concept.

Kindly give your attention on this question and provide me its resolution.

I imagine that is merely the first of many obstacles. For "finding nearby active" , you probably need nearby Blueteeth constantly telling all and sundry that they don't mind being found, AND you need to know exactly they are saying that expresses that. Also there are likely to be some legal considerations in this matter that would make for entertaining reading.

HC-05 IS capable of scanning for other devices, they are called "authenticated devices", which I guess means devices that are previously paired, and probably not what you want.

I just want to know any nearby bluetooth devices in module range wheather it is paired or not , there is no matter.