How to use HSPI buses with GxEPD2 library on ESP32 DevkitC v4

Hi all.

I made a bitcoin price checker referring to this video (BTCIOT Tutorial - An extremely low-powered bit).
Although my code runs perfectly when I use the standard VSPI buses, it doesn’t work when I try to use HSPI buses.

I have already read the datasheet and the technical reference manual listed below, but I still don’t get how I can use HSPI.

I attatched the code, so could you teach me how to fix it so that this program runs well for HSPI?


btcpricechecker.ino (2.52 KB)


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Without knowing why you want to use HSPI instead of VSPI I can't help you. Do you really need to use HSPI, or could you use VSPI on different pins?

It is also easier to answer if you provide complete information in the post text, e.g. link to the processor board, to the e-paper panel used, and to the connection board. I only download code as an additional information source, if the main information has been provided in the post.

Make the links clickable, using the insert a link command symbol.

It is also more interesting for any reader of your post, and you get a better chance for a good answer.



Thank you for your guidance!

I'm trying to use HSPI just out of my curiosity; "if I'm able to use VSPI buses, then why not for HSPI?"

Here are the links of the components I am using: * ESP32-DevKitC V4 * Waveshare 1.54inch e-Paper Module

Thank you for your kindness:)


GxEPD2 uses the standard global instance SPI. You would need to change GxEPD2_EPD.cpp and use a SPIClass instance SPIClass(HSPI).