How to use if and read color from TCS34725

I need help I have been searching for how to use the color from the color sensor to activate an if function, for example, that "red" on a skittle just activate a "digitalWrite (8, HIGH);" And the color green to "digitalWrite (9, HIGH);" ext.
if somebody could help me with this project, it would be appreciated.

The device is I2C, it does not output bits High and Low. Read the data sheet. I assume you have a computer since you posted here, so simply google "TCS34275" and you will find the datasheet, Adafruit posts a lot of material, including information on how to use there device. As far as getting High and Low outputs you will need to write some code for the Arduino. There are several videos on line explaining how to do this. By the time you finish this your search engine will become one of your favorite tools.

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