How to use IFTTT "host" and webupdater "host" in same sketch

Hello. Using an ESP32 Dev board, tried to activate basicOTA, but after uploading code and trying to use the serial monitor with that IP address, the IDE gave me message saying it isn't available yet for this board and that IP (192.168.1.xx). so i switched to the webupdater version, but it includes "const char* host = xxxx"; AND the only webhook notification method i've been able to get working is the one that includes #include <IFTTTWebhook.h> and include <WiFiClient.h> (sorry i'm pretty new), and this method requires const char* host = "";

is there a way to use both "host" terms in the same sketch? i'm open to changing webhook method and other possible approaches.


OP here, I managed to get a different Webhook library to work for me, and also explored sending an email alert directly from code, and using Blynk. So I worked around the problem, but I'm still curious how it would be done if the source code has only "host" and I need to use "host" from two different libraries...

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