How to use IR Sensors on Arduino Uno

Can someone please tell me where to attach IR sensors to my Arduino Uno? This is regarding my first a Arduino project 'Line Follower Robot'. Please do reply.
Thanks in advance!

What sensor? There are lots of types you know.

What sensor? There are lots of types you know.

And aparft from what G_M says, if you google and Arduino, you may well find connection diagrams and Arduino code.

Oh. My bad. I'll let you know which sensor it is when i get home this evening! Thanks guys!

The sensor is using IC LM358P. I’ve attached the picture of the sensor below if it helps…

The LM358 is the op amp on the breakout board. What's the model number of the whole package?

Just click on that picture you sent. It is so stupidly large that it is of little use.
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I can't figure out what the model number of the package is. Bought it from a local retailer. Could you please tell me which ir sensor i should use or if you could provide me the circuit diagram for a sensor which i can make? Thanks again!
@Mike: ok

Have a look at the various QTR sensors at Pololu. They are tailor made for line following applications; there's a library and sample code.