How to use LCD Touch Screen ili9488


I'm trying to use the a TFTLCD for Arduino Mega 2560 - ili9488.

You can see the board here: Front view:!7VlA1DKZ!sFbWaZoHuoLcuS9cw6rVdnLF7PqCkLBmW0NhCDCni4U Bck view:!ecdX3QZC!C3OyOU_8R4Aarby8GmEUMmHeptKrgiUsgQOi6wS33-M

In aliexpress the LCD is:

I was search tutorials on how to use this lcd but i don't see any that shows how to assemble and code to use this LCD.

So, I plugged the Shield to Arduino Mega, and tried with the examples in libraries: Ardafruit_TFTLCD, Mcufriend_kbv, SWTFT-Shield, TouchScreen-Library-master (renamed to TouchScreen)

All i just see is a blank screen, the code seems to load fine, the Serial console sometimes print messages.

Is there any doc to use this lcd with arduino mega?


Thanks for posting the photo of your pcb.
Posting a link to the Aliexpress item would have been sufficient.

Anyway, your shield is clearly designed for a MEGA2560. And will not fit on a Uno.
None of the libraries that you have quoted support MEGA2560 16-bit shields.

Someone else claimed that their board (with an identical photo) contained a R61581 and not the ILI9488 that is printed on your pcb.

The R61581 is very similar to the ILI9481 controller. Both of these are supported by the UTFT library in the 16-bit form.
The ILI9481 is supported by Rowboteer’s TFT_HX8357 library.

If the ILI9481 / R61581 does not work, please PM me with your email address. (it might be an ILI9488)


Hi David.

I found the library in GitHub[1] and works fine now, i’m running some examples

Now, i’m building the Mandlebrot Fractal.

thanks you very much for your help.

[1] GitHub - Bodmer/TFT_HX8357: Arduino library for HX8357 TFT display

For the benefit of users like kuka, it would help if you provide a link to your Aliexpress shield.

And if you say which library and what constructors you are using.

Many other owners can be helped by your experience.


Done, i posted the link in the original question.


Right. Now compare the photos in your link to the photo that you posted of your actual pcb.

Do you see why people ask you these questions?

Kuka has a photo that matches your photo. His Aliexpress link shows a different photo and different description. Your Aliexpress link shows a different photo and different description.

I am guessing that you are using Rowboteer's library. You have never said. I am guessing that you have an ILI9481 controller. You have never said.

You could help all the other punters that buy the same Shield from the same AliExpress web-page. e.g. with your experience, they would not need to suffer the same frustration that you did.


Hi David, you are pretty right, i updated the answer with the link to the library.

May you help me with Kuka question to compare the photo and update the link i posted.



I can load the examples fine, but i cannot see if i can read pressure signals (read touch signals)