How to use Mega2560 as ISP to programminh 2560

Dear Sir,

I follow the step to use Arduino Mega 2560 to program Atmel Atmega 2560 chip.

  1. set the Mega 2560 as ArduinoISP by upload it code.
  2. burn the boatloader on new atmel atmega 2560. it is successful.
  3. Step File > upload using programmer. The Rx and Tx Led is blinking. Uploading...Done Uploading.

it is successful.

I disconnect the Arduino Mega2560 board. Switch on the target bpard and test it. It seem to be nothing. For example. Turn on the pin 19 of Atmel Mega 2560 chip..(pin 53 of arduino Mega 2560). It doesn't have it.

It is spent half day to fix. Hope help. Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Ping Tsui