How to use MODBUS RTU protocol with Arduino Uno

Hi All,
The objective of my project is to read data from an energy meter that uses RS485 MODBUS RTU protocol.I am using Arduino UNO and later I will use CC3200 with Energia.

In the first step I tried to obtain data on ArduinoUno using different MODBUS libraries, but was unable to read any data.The readings are always 0 irrespective of the holding registers I read.I have visited the forum for trying different versions of code but no success was obtained.

Hardware involved:-

Arduino UNO, Rs485 to Rs232 converter.

I am using ModbusRTULibrary.

I am attaching my code below.
Please provide guidance as to how can I read basic data on arduino so that then I can move on to CC3200.

sketch_may04a.ino (2.12 KB)

SimpleModbusMaster.h (5.96 KB)