how to use pins on this Prototype Shield Sensor Expansion for-Arduino

i have this board that i dont have no clue as to how to use the pins in this board does anyone have ever used this?

if you take notice of the uart pins the repeat making it hard for me to use pin 5 when there 2 pin 5 and the same gos for every other number on the UART, the Digital pins the same deal SPI and I2C are the only one that i think are on point and analog supposed to be 5 pins and i only see 4 so im like WHAT TA?


Base Shield v0.9b Sche.pdf (427 KB)

Looks like the intention is to use cables to connect power and data to peripherals. Most of the connectors supply +5V power, ground, and two adjacent data pins. You could use them for SoftwareSerial or for an ultrasonic rangefinder which needs power, ground, an output and an input. You could use three pins of any of those connectors for a servo or other device that need power, ground, and one data pin (input or output). The two I2C connectors are in parallel and the two SPI connectors use D10 (SS) and D5 for SlaveSelect with the other SPI pins in parallel.