How to use PWM for Arduino Due and make an LED blinking

Hi folks,

I have a question for you and wonder if you can kindly guide me.

I don't know why the data sheet of Arduino Due is difficult to me to understand.

I just want to use PWM to make some LEDs blink. I found some register such as PWM_ENA to enable the PWM and the others to do this purpose but don't know how to make it work and change the frequency.

By any chance, has anyone done this job before?

This is really urgent and I am so frustrated!

I really appreciate if you can give me some hints.

Due is totally different from Uno to use PWM stuff.

Thank you in advance.

Why do you need PWM to blink an LED? What are you trying to do besides blink 2 LEDs?

Well, I need to drive 6 motors and I just want to have a precise frequency. BTW, how can I use the timer and have them blinking in a desire frequency? Can you please guide me on that? Thanks.

I know I can use "HIGH" and "LOW" method and delay to make them blink but I want them to work independently with different frequency.

Thereafter, I need to use serial monitor to change the frequency of each LEDs.

Any guide on that?

Any guide on that?

The blink without delay example should work on the Due just as well as on any other Arduino.