How to use SDI-12 in MKR WIFI 1010

Hello everyone!
I am new to arduino and could use some help.
I am trying to communicate a humidity sensor that communicates with SDI-12.
I am using the following library , which indicates that it is compatible with this board. MKR WIFI 1010.
Right now I'm a little lost because it doesn't indicate anywhere which PIN is where the data cable connects.
Guiding me by the numbers on the arduino board the pins go from 0 to 14. 14 is the TX pin and 13 RX.
And if in the programming I put the pin 7 and I connect my cable physically in the 7 it does not work.
Could someone tell me how to set it up?
I am using this library.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum.

Please have a look at:

Here are a few things that might be useful to know in order to help you:

  • link to sensor data sheet
  • schematic of your circuit, from Wikipedia it sounds like the SDI-12 specifies voltage levels that may need some level shifting
  • do you have an oscilloscope to look at the signals?
  • please show us your example code (use code tags, click </> before inserting your code)
  • what are your electronics skills in general e.g., are you just new to Arduino or electronics overall

Just out of curiosity, why did you choose that sensor? There are others that support SPI and I2C which are supported by hardware and libraries.

I'm interested in helping you. Besides what @Klaus_K asked, I want to ask whether the following is your library. It's written by different authors.

I tested out this version on an arduino UNO compatible board and it seems to work with my soil sensor.

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