how to use serial monitor with HC-05 bluetooth module?

We have a problem regarding serial monitor interface. We use serial.println("AT"); in void loop.
We will be using Println for me not to directly type on serial monitor interface. But what we get is a infinite loop of AT and we dont get the wrong output which is " OK " . what should we do or what syntax should we add. And how we could use we the output of the a serial monitor commands.

Your post is incomprehensible, and so is the objective, but you could be using the wrong software for what you want to do.
If you need to use the serial monitor simultaneously with bluetooth, you need to have them on different ports. With a Uno, this means you are obliged to run Bluetooth on software serial.

sorry for the bad tranlation.

i would just like to ask how to program AT comands of bluetooth without typing anything. for example i will command the arduino to type "AT+INQ" but i am not the one who will type it, it will run on its own after i compile the program that i am not typing the command.thank you very much

program draft from net

?#?define? rxPin 10
#define txPin 11
SoftwareSerial BTSerial = SoftwareSerial(rxPin, txPin); // RX | TX
void setup()
pinMode(9, OUTPUT); // this pin will pull the HC-05 pin 34 (key pin) HIGH to switch module to AT mode
digitalWrite(9, HIGH);
Serial.println("Enter AT commands:");
BTSerial.begin(9600); // HC-05 default speed in AT command more
void loop()
// Keep reading from HC-05 and send to Arduino Serial Monitor
if (BTSerial.available())
{ Serial.write(;
BTSerial.println("AT+INQ"); delay(5000);
// Keep reading from Arduino Serial Monitor and send to HC-05
if (Serial.available())