How to use shield's buttons.


I have another simple question, which I cannot find the answer. I have LCD shield with a keypad, and I want to use the buttons, but there are too many pins, and too few buttons. I’m new to using Arduino stuff, and from my experince till now, I learned that with one pin, you can command a button. In the picture below it’s my board with the shield. The PWM spots, from 13 to 0 are linked with the shield’s pins. Please do ask if I wasn’t clear, or if I said stupid things.

Edited. Sorry. :D

Yep, it worked. Thank you very much. :)

Well, I have another problem. The buttons UP, DOWN, RIGHT are working, but when I press LEFT it shows DOWN, and when I press SELECT it shows LEFT.

You are absolutely right again. The actual values for select LEFT and SELECT were smaller than the ones from the code. Thank you very much again. :)