How to use software and hardware in same project.

I am using nrf24, mfrc522 and MicroSd card Adapter (catalex v1.0) with Arduino mega 2560.

I have problem while come across nrf24 and microsd card working together.

In this forum( I found they were discussing MicroSd adapter I am using doesn't work with other SPI devices. This post was old therefore I opened new discussion.

I am new therefore I am looking help.

In above mentioned forum they suggested to use sd card in hardware SPI and other device in software SPI.
I found software SPI for nrf24 and while connecting only nrf24 by using software SPI it worked.
But as I connected nrf24 in software and SD card in hardware, it didn't worked.

Any suggestion how to get software and hardware spi working together??

First of all, the subject title is confusing. You can modify your first post and change it to something like "Can not combine hardware SPI".

I think your microSD module has a level converter (the Arduino Mega 2560 is 5V, the microSD card is 3.3V).
That level converter should allow the MISO to be released to allow other hardware SPI devices.
Sometimes, the MISO (data-out from the SD card) is directly connected to the Arduino MISO. That might be very bad, if other 5V modules are on the same SPI bus.

Are you sure that the nrf24 and mfrc522 are compatible with a 5V SPI bus ? Do you have the schematics of them ?
Then you should buy a microSD module that is fully compatible with a 5V SPI bus, and it should allow other SPI modules.

The software and hardware SPI libraries should work together. They don't share something, they are completely independant of each other.