How to use STONE HMI to control Arduin to implement the beauty instrument project

This article is mainly for the beauty device to do a simple design, using Arduino development board: teach you how to use STONE HMI control arduino to achieve the beauty instrument project tutorial, the following figure:

MCU like this can generally be external screen, through IIC or SPI or serial way, such as 0.96 inch display, 1602 LCD, and various TFT LCD screen, by comparing various other screens, finally I decided to use STONE screen to do this Arduino development board project.

Project Function

Here we are going to do a project about the use of medical devices, this project, using STONE STVA101WT-01 serial screen, when the button is pressed the serial screen through the serial command to the Arduino Uno development board to send serial commands, when our MCU received a specific command will start to parse the command, the parsing protocol is STONE screen specific command set, after that MCU will parse and recognize the specific fan command and LED command, so as to realize the control of fan and LED.

STONE HMI control arduino to achieve the four functions realized by the beauty instrument project.

① The serial screen to realize the touch button function.

② Sending the touch commands.

③ MCU converts the instruction set to hexadecimal.

④ MCU control fan and LED light.

Required components.

STONE STVA101WT-01 serial screen.

Arduino Uno R3.

③ Fan.

④ LED.

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