How to use switch pins on ULN2003AN stepper driver

Hey boys and girls,

I'm an absolute noob when it comes to Arduino and electronics, but I'm liking it and trying to learn.

A made a basic circuit with a stepper motor and it's working fine.

But ofcourse, now I want to play with it.
I noticed that next to the 5-12V pins, there are 2 more pins, wich are usually bridged, the switch pins.

I rigged up a simple pushbutton and ofcourse that made it work as long as I keep the button pressed, but by now my fingers are getting real tired.....

How else can I use these switchpins, other than with a relais (don't have one right now)?


Which 2 pins?

Those two pins are use to turn on/off the module.
When pins are open, module is off.
When you close the pins, it is on.

You can use the bridge, a pulse button or directly a switch.

A relay may be useful such in case ou want to remotely enable/disable the module.

good luck.

Please post your circuit and your code - else we would only guess wildly.

you must not play with it . it could lead to permanent damage. spekaing from experience