How to use tca9548a to test two sensors--Vl53l0X?

I have an Arduino Mega and a tca9548a. I wander how to control two or more VL53l0X to get the distance by different time.

Do anyone can help me solve this problem or give me some advice. Thank you very much!

!!! 3.3V device !!!
I dont know if the sensor needs som kind of ‘setup’ before it can be read, but if not:
connect all sensors to the I2C-mux. Digital output(s) to address-pins of mux (to select port)
request data from addr 0x29.

Try reading the reference registers @ 0xc0… 0xc2

wire.begintrasm…(0x29); wire.write(0x0c); write.endtrans…;
for (byte i=0; i<3; i++) Serial.println(,HEX);

You should get the numbers EE , AA , 10

If this works, try reading ‘all’ registers. (i cannot find details in the datasheet I have)

added:: found this and this library