How to use the MPXV70002DP Pressure Sensor?

Hello there,

Im currently attempting to build an air speed driven controller for a motorboat. To realize this project I wanted to use 4 of those Sensors Unfortunately after searching for hours I could only get my hand on one of those. 2 weeks later I managed to get 3 of those Sadly I found out there was something missing! The other 3 didnt have the board attached to make it compatibel with the arduino. After more research I`ve come up with some questions:

  • Does this even work with the arduino?
  • How can I get this to work/build the missing board myself?
  • For further research, It would help to at least know how that blue board is called

This is for a project at my university. Since my time is running Id appreaciate a quick fix for this. Note that Im new to arduino and electronics as whole. So datasheets might not be understandable for me. Any kind of help is appreciated.



I can't get that 2. link to work. If it is it is easy to connect to arduino. You connect only to pins 2(5V), 3(GND) and 4(analog input)