How to use the WizNet NM7010B+ Module with an Arduino

Hey folks!

I have a project where I want to connect my Arduino Mini with said Ethernet Module ([1]-11716.pdf).
Problem is I don't know if i can use the WizNet Ethernet Library for this chip.
I've read that the W3150A is similar to the W5100 chip but how do I know for sure?
I'm not that skilled to understand/edit the entire driver for it.
I also found a C driver library on the manufacturers site here.
I am absolutely confused!

Please help me.

Thanks in advance,


The document you linked was last revised on January 9, 2008.
Adafruit have an Arduino Ethernet shield based on the W5100 chipset and a link to a library:

You can also look here:

Thank you 6v6gt,

but I need this to be the smallest size I can get. I know there are better solutions but I already have this said chip and I thought perhaps there would be a way to make it work with the arduino without having to care about the details of the driver library too much.