How to use TLC59116F?

Hi everybody.I'm new the the world of electronics and Arduino. The hardware part is my major lack. I would like to use the TLC59116F chip for controlling via I2C a set of LED. Is there somebody who had worked on this before? Do you have a basic schematic? thank you in advance.

You can download the library for it from here.

and here is a schematic.

Ive put this together recently and it works fine. Check you get the right library. There is a MUX(multiplexing) one as well but you wont need that at first. If you do use more than one i think they will need decoupling capacitors>Grumpy_Mike's web site is good for info.

and if your using rgb led's make sure you get the right kind before you buy them. i didn't duuuu

Ive just noticed your taking about a different chip. I reckon theres a lot more work if you need to right your own library's. Unless there is one for your chip. I don't know

hello briox

did you find out more? i've got the TLC59116, but i do no achieve to make it work.

here i've found some code for the TLC59116F:,22446.0.html