How to use two ask sensors API Key In?

I am doing a school project with ESP32 and some sensors, I am supposed to upload data to ask for 2 sensors in the platform. Both sensors have their own API Key In keys.
How do I configure and use both of them in Arduino sketch?

I am able to upload data to Sensor1 and all 4 modules, but need help with uploading data to Sensor2

Currently I have configure the apiKeyIn as such:

const char* apiKeyIn = "**************************";      // API KEY IN

I am calling it here:

String url = "";
  url += apiKeyIn; 
  url += "?module1=";
  url += bme.readTemperature();
  url += "&module2=";
  url += bme.readTemperature();
  url += "&module3=";
  url += bme.readHumidity();
  url += "&module4=";
  url += bme.readPressure() / 100.0F;