How to? Using Processing to be Displayed on TV (PAL) w Arduino. Feeling confused


I´ve made simple animation with changing colors on Processing (so I have basic but still faint knowledge on Processing and Arduino, but I´m willing to learn more!) .

I´ve been doing research, but still wont manage to A) even display my test code on TV (PAL). I´ve been using tutorials like

While I think I´ll be able to fix the problem A, [u]the biggest problem is still with[/u] the lack of knowledge to connect Processing to send data to Arduino. The answer might be lying somewhere on these topics, but since I´m such a newbie I wont understand even if some term tells the answer. It seems there are a lot of topics like: "Communicating with an Arduino Over Serial", "Communicating with Processing Over Serial", but somehow I wont find these helpful in this exact problem.

I would be really grateful if someone could help me to learn how to send Processing data (animation) to Arduino. And how to use Arduino to display this animation on TV.

Sorry for incomplete or lacking information. I´ll answer as good as possible if you have any detailing questions.

Best regards, TXXI, newbie :~

Heres my idea. Instead using Arduino as your bridge between processing and tv, use this cable usb-rca adapter and use a proccesing library for video output if there is any.

Althoug, I dont know how this cable works and dont know if processing has any kind of library to this, but is an interesting option.

Update: Nope, wont work because cable was intended to capture, not to be an output.

There is nothing wrong with the instructable, it works just fine. So the problem must be in the serial to processing.
Note: you can’t have the serial monitor on at the same time you use processing, as the computer OS won’t allow it.