How to utilize multiple path buttons *solved*

I am attempting to rebuild a toy bulldozer. This toy came with a set of buttons to flash lights, make sound, preset movements. This is a one sided PCB, with conductive pad buttons.

There are 8 functions from only 6 wires. b1 = yellow and white b2 = black and white b3 = red and white b4 = yellow and brown b5 = black and brown b6 = red and blue b7 = yellow and blue b8 = black and blue

Is there a way to make use of all the buttons through the Arduino Uno, without cutting traces and re-soldering. I'm enjoying the challenge, but my skill set is low enough, that I'm having a tough time finding the terms I would need to search to find the correct answer. *so

Matrix keypad was the term I needed to search. While looking fruitlessly in the wrong direction, I stumbled across, and added this library. Phi_interfaces

I'm sure my code isn't perfect, but it's off to a good start. I was able to name each button, and assign a specific action.