How to view library source

I'm new to Arduino.

Search as I may, I have not found how or where to view the source code for a given library. The one I'm interested in for the moment is Timer1.

Thanks for responses!


Have you installed the Timer1 library? For which version of the IDE?

Can you find Timer1.cpp?

The libraries should be in:


These files are in source code.

If they aren't there, they are not recognized by arduino IDE. You probably haven't installed it.

My question was incomplete.

I've installed several libraries (including Timer1) and can use them with no problem. I can also locate the .cpp and .h files as well.

However, I wish to see the contents, the source code. When I try to open either the .cpp or .h file in the standard Arduino IDE, I get an error saying: 'Processing can only open its own sketches ...'

So, I'm looking for a way to view the contents of these files, I guess!


You can use any text editor - even Microsoft Word if you're desperate!

Found my answer.

Use Notepad ++

I had tried the regular notepad, which wasn't very useful in presenting the code in a 'nice way'!

Thanks all the same!