How to wake Arduino every morning and sleep at night?

I have a Pro Mini with DS3234 real-time clock that I'm using to monitor my boiler's flow and return temperature every 5 seconds and write temperature and time to an SD card.

The program runs 24 hours a day off a battery, but the boiler is only on between 0600 and 2300. Is there any way I can use the RTC to run the Arduino between these times then sleep overnight please?

I have searched for ways of doing this but haven't found anything suitable for my application.


Yes, you can set alarms on the DS3234. And when an alarm is triggered, the !INT pin is pulled low. So you could connect that to an external interrupt pin of the Arduino and use that to wake again.

Small (not complete) todo: 1) Set an alarm @ 6:00 on the DS3234 2) config the !INT pin 3) connect the !INT pin to the Arduino's external interrupt (don't forget some form of pull up) 4) config the Arduino to wake up from an external interrupt (falling edge) 5) put the Arduino to sleep at 23:00

This is a simple break down, but I assume you can figure out (aka Google) how to do each step.

Quick note, remove the power LED from the Arduino. And turn other LED's off. Even better, remove the regulator if you can miss it. Things like that take way more current than the microcontroller does.

That's great, thank you very much.

Yes I can work out how to do that, just needed pointing in the right direction as I've only been playing with Arduinos for a few weeks.

Mike :D :D

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