How to wire 3-pin 3-position key switch


I have recently bought a 3-position (OFF-ON-ON) toggle switch with key for my dashboard project. As you can undersand it will be used for starting the engine in-game. The switch has 3 pins that look like this: | | | The upper pin is silver color, bottom right pin is gold and the bottom left pin is bronze. So, does anybody know how to wire this switch to Arduino? I can't get it to work.

The key in the button only rotates one way - to the right.

You kidding?

Post a link to where it is illustrated on a website.

3-position (OFF-ON-ON)

No those are normally Centre connected left Centre connected nothing Centre connected right.

You need two pins on the Arduino set as inputs with the inputs enabled. Then connect the centre to ground, left to one pin and right to the left.

Buy a cheap volt/ohm meter and trace them out.