How to wire 4 AT24C1024 into arduino

hello, can anyone show how to wire 4 at24c1024 i2c eeprom and use the extended database library, let's say I want to store the ff: date and time temperature humidity ]thanks in advance.

a simple drawing for the connection settings will do.

Follow up question:
How do I assign device address into each ic?

most important is that you give the 4 EEPROM’s an unique address.
To connect 4 they must have at least 2 external address lines.

  • please post a link to the datasheet of the EEPROM.

you connect these address lines to either 5V or GND thereby changing bits in the address.
(experiment with one first)

Do you have a link to this too as I am not familiar with it?

use the extended database library

here is the datasheet:

the library:

I was reading this forum:

if you connect one or more EEPROM's to I2C and you connect address lines to either +5V and GND you can determine the address with an I2C scanner, e.g. - -

Note this EEPROM has only one address line A1 - see page 11 figure 7 - and uses a Page selection bit P0 to complete the address. So you cannot do 4 of them on one I2C bus (without e.g. multiplexing or other tricks)

Please consider using - - which has 3 address lineas allowing for 8 eeproms giving you the 4M you're looking for. tested with - -

It's ok if only 2 can be wired, I will have to place the ic's in a small space so 8 ic's wont fit in there. does this ic 24lc512 has 1024 version?

AFAIK there is no 1024 version of the 24LC series, but you could check Farnell or mouser?