how to wire a 19 pins LCD ?

Hi, I took a LCD from an old breading machine, hoping to connect it to arduino, but the LCD have 19 pins!? Any idea?

may be a picture can help…

I tested to input voltage directly in the pins randomly with a 9v battery, and the char on lcd screen was showing up. It was taken from a breading machine, what was showing was pound, bread, time.......I think its impossible to hack this lcd to write what i want, its already build to show theses text.

Any part numbers on the back? It may have a bunch of fixed fields, and other variable areas, such as time, temperature.

no, nothing that can permit me to identify it. But it do have fixed field, that mean I just gona trow this in the garbage bag....

As you have found, specialist displays like that will have a number of 'canned' messages that are activated by one input. There is usually also a generic section for time, count or other that you may be able to use, however.

Note that this is a "raw" LCD, not a display module. It must be driven from AC, not DC which will destroy it - so while testing with a 9V battery (way too much voltage!) may give you an idea of the characters, you really do not want to do that if you were to actually want to use it later.

Such (or indeed,all) LCDs require a driver chip to generate the multiplexed AC voltages, the HD44780 does that in the 1602, 2004 and all such similar display modules, while you could perhaps do that with an Arduino, it would require all of 19 ports for those 19 wires, you do not know the correct voltage and if it is a multi-level multiplex (as is the HD44780) that would be far more difficult again.

It will only be of use to you while it is connected to the original circuitry from the bread-maker. If you can figure out how to hack that ...