How to wire a lot of rgb LEDs

So i really new to Arduinos and such and I started this project that uses a lot of rgb leds. i was wondering if it was possible to put multiple mux shields on top of a Arduino Mega 2560 because i need to wire probably over hundred or so rgb leds and i want them all to be different colors so i can make cool images. Agian im really new to this but i want to know if it will work and it is worth it. i might even get a mega adk so i use my phone with it too. If this is even worth it i also am new to programing these things (i havent even bought the boards yet) and i was wondering if this will be hard for a beginner to try out on there first try. I really need help on this.

See if this is something you can follow. Use 64 RGB LEDs in 8x8 config. You would need some more parts to get to 10x10.

Hi, look also at this: you can handle 64 rgb led via RS485.

This project has 64 RGB LEDs multiplexed with three TLC5940s.

Look at the wiring you are proposing to use 100 RGB LEDs, can you cope?

You can then wire the way you want. just like stand alone LEDs

No not quite, you can't wire RGB LEDs in charlyplexing configurations, and you can't wire them in series, like you can with individual LEDs. There are some 6 wire RGB LEDs that you can use but these tend to be surface mount ones.

Check out ClockTHREE which controls a matrix of 16x10 RGB LEDs.