How to wire an UNO and 12V/3.2A Fan ?

Hi, I don't have much experience in electronics and I don't want to fry anything... :)

I'm hoping to build a robot vacuum with my UNO and I'm stumped with how to manage the power. I've read a number of threads about different solutions and the trade-offs with heat and power loss.

Hoping someone with experience could provide a recommendation on what a beginner like me should do.

I'm looking at using this 3.2A blower for suction. (neato uses this same one)

and I've found this Li-ion 11.1V 4400mAh battery pack that I think should power the blower & uno for around an hour.

I currently have the MiniQ Motors hooked up to the UNO using the L293D H-Bridge motor driver and it's scooting around my house nicely.

So, how would you wire the blower, battery and uno together to get the most bang(suck) for the buck?

Many Thanks, David

ok, let me ask a different way. Will any harm come from wiring them as seen here?


You need a relay to switch the blower. You can't have it running all the time. It should only be engaged when the robot is actively vacuuming. Another reason to have it switched is so when the battery gets low the robot can switch it off so it has enough power left to return to base (RTB).