How to Wire High Voltage Electric Motor for Fan and Water Pump to Relay Module?

I have a Mindong YC-80B-4 1/2hp 220V 4.5A 60 Hz Continuous Rating Electric Motor and a water automatic boosting pump model CL15GR-10 90W 220V 0.42A 50Hz.

I want to know how to wire these devices to an Arduino Relay Module for automation purposes. The specifications available on the internet do not give the wiring (voltage and ground) of the mentioned devices hence I do not know what wires are to be connected to COM and NO/NC terminals of the relay.

Attached are the photos of the said devices I will use. Thanks!

Link for the relay used:



The first one is an induction motor, so you'll need heavy duty relay rated for highly inductive load,
induction motors typically pull large currents at start up, perhaps 3 to 10 times the rated current,
so beware of that.

I doubt many relay modules are suitable, you need to find a suitable external relay and drive it
with transistor/diode yourself?

Thanks MarkT. So 4.5A induction motor will not fit a 10A relay? How about the water pump?

I assume the motor is currently in use so can be run. If so, use a multimeter to find which power wire is the active lead. This can be done by measuring voltage on the wires with respect to earth. The supply will have full voltage while the neutral should have much lower or zero volts.

To control the motor, you switch the active wire via a relay or power contractor.