How to wire TLC59213IPWR

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Quick question... If I'm wiring up TLC59213IPWR, what do I wire the CLK and CLR pins to? The datasheet says to wire them to the MCU but I'm not sure what to do with them...

I'm only interested in the D output matching the input channel state, so as the Arduino raises an input pin to 3.3v, the output should switch to 12v. When the input is 0, the output should be 0.


EDIT: reading section 8.4 of the datasheet, is this the correct component? It seems to say that it runs off a flip flop? I'm looking only for a source driven transistor array to power 6 LEDs from 6 arduino outputs... Is this the correct component to use or is there something better suited? The only constraint I have is that due to the circuit I'm working with, I can only switch the source voltage, not the grounds...

It always helps if you offer a link to the data sheet.

A quick read suggests that the chip will latch the current inputs on a rising edge of the CLK pin. The CLR pin you can probably just hardwire to Vcc, unless you want to use that functionality.

It's a Darlington based device, so not very efficient. Chances are you're better off with the TPIC595 series of high power shift registers. Saves lots of pins in the process, too.

Have you googled

TLC59213 arduino

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