How to wire up DIP switch

I am new to the electronics world and with my project I am going to have a 8 DIP switch, what is the proper way to wire one up? I am using the switch to tell the arduino which section of code to run and just quite havent figured out how to wire one up correctly. Anyone have any schematic’s or help they could give me.

DIP switches are usually SPST switches. (Both terms are detailed on Wikipedia.)

You'll need to use them with a pull-up or pull-down resistor. One option (to reduce part count) is to use the Internal Pull-Up resistors on the ATmega328. (Look at digitalWrite()'s reference page for what happens when you digitalWrite(HIGH) to an INPUT pin.)

(Hint: If you use the internal pull-ups, then one side of the switch goes to ground while the other side goes to the Arduino pin.)

I will probably just use my own pull up resistors i was thinking 10k ohm would work. Do i still put one side ground then the other side to the arduino? What would I use the pull down resistors with?