How to wire up this coin magnetic sensor

so i have this dead programmable coin acceptor and i was thinking about how i could use the (i dont know) magnetic sensor.

on how i would wire it to arduino, etc...

this is the images for the sensor... the thing with the copper wire ang magnet like thingy...

more pics of the sensor here...

there are two of those facing each other. each has two pins..

sorry, i'm new with electronics...

thanks in adavance... very very much

If they are dead, why do you want to connect it to an Arduino? By the way, the things with copper wire are coils in ferrite pot cores.


Probably using the same idea as a metal detector, measuring the change (reduction?) in inductance due to a
conductive object near the coil (basically measuring the size of a non-magnetic piece of metal), but also can
detect ferromagnetism by the massive increase in inductance.

There is probably a way to quantify eddy current losses too, measuring the power needed to keep
an oscillator going.