How to work SD Library's "CardInfo" Program?

Hello! I'm trying to learn how to use a seeedstudio SD Card Shield V2.1

I have a Diecimilia ATmega168.

I've tried uploading the included "CardInfo" program to my Arduino many times, but nothing ever shows up on the Serial Monitor.

The program should be able to notify you if the card reader is not hooked up properly, so I tried removing the SD card shield altogether hoping it would at least tell me an error... but even then nothing came through on the Serial Monitor.

I know the Arduino works; I just uploaded and tested the "ASCIITable" program and it works just fine.

I'm at that newbie-desperation phase where I've been trying to figure this out for hours, and just feeling increasingly out of my depth. Any information will be greatly appreciated!!!

A 168 is too small.

or more precisely; the 168 doesn't have enough storage space for the program. You'd think the IDE would have said something.