how to write data in 125Khz RFID Blank card

hi everyone

before i made this thread i search on the internet about this problem and didn't find any good results or solution also i search on YouTube too

i have FRID-RC522 (buy from Aliexpress)

and i buy also 10PCS EM4100 125Khz RFID card compatible RDM630 for Arduino (ID card)

i download this library and use it well to read the card and the chain-key (come with the reader)

but when i but any one of blank card the reader didn't show anything in serial monitor

so is there any way or tutorial with code explain how to read data or number in these blank card

my regards

"Operating frequency: 13.56MHz"

This is probably why your reader does not work with 125 kHz cards. You either need 13.56 MHz cards or a 125 kHz reader/writer.

the detail in the page they write

Frequency: 13.56 MHz