How use bluetooth profiles?

I am new to the arduino and microprocessor based projects but my question is...

Phones have different compatibile bluetooth profiles for sending different kinds of data, whether it's music or a phone number.

But if I were to try to make an arduino have control or display all those features, would I have to be constantly switching between bluetooth profiles to grab different kinds of data?

For example I want to be able to be streaming bluetooth music from a phone, but also be able to answer a phone call (aka jumping from A2DP profile to like a Handset profile)?


I want to be able to be streaming bluetooth music from a phone

to arduino?

Well yes, use the Arduino to control a breakout board that will steam music it part of some functions that would be cool.

I'm also interested in using bluetooth profiles to create a personal monitoring device using HDP (health device profile). I'm interested in using the bluegiga WT12. Anyone with experience using profiles?

@wclifton1: The WT12 doesn't support the A2DP profile but most of the other ones (including HDP).

Generally, most of the bluetooth modules available for Arduinos supply only the serial profile (rfcomm), the few that support more than that use some kind of command set over the UART interface which directs them to use the one or the other profile. Streaming audio to the MCU is (to my knowledge) not support, the bluegiga WT32 supports the A2DP profile but has separate audio connectors to do that. On the Arduino I never used another profile than the serial one, so I don't have experience in changing the profiles. The user guide for the iWRAP firmware of the bluegiga modules describes the MUX (multiplexing) mode which they use to handle all the different data of multiple connections on one serial interface.