How useful is an Arduino Sensor Shield?

Hello everyone, I would like to ask all the members of this forum about their opinion on a Shield for the Arduino nano, this a shield where there are mounting points for your sensors (example Ulltrasound, Humidity and Temperature sensor, Accelerometer & Gyroscope etc), you can solder this on, this will be connected to the appropriate ports on the Arduino.

I would like to ask everyone, is this useful for your projects? Does it help you in making it easier to keep all sensors in one place instead of wires? Do let me know. Thanks!

That depends on the needs for your project.
For my prototypes I´m using this type of shield.

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Soldering the shield on does not sound like the best idea as it then limits the use of the Arduino. It is more common for shields to be designed to plug into a Uno

Please post a link to the shield that you have in mind