How we can verify data back from the Arduino BT?

I am able to upload the sketchbook ASCII TABLE to the Arduino BT but I do not know how to verify it?

  1. Is it supposed to send those ASCII through Bluetooth WT11 to other Bluetooth (ie: Bluetooth Dongle)?

  2. When I am uploading, the data send through Bluetooth Serial COM5 (open then close), but after uploading I verify the COM5 (even I hit RESET button or not) … nothing happen (COM5 still remains closed)?

  3. What tool we need to verify those ASCII transfer from the Arduino BT? Might be with the SparkFun BlueSMiRF?

Note1: The Arduino BT after uploading is working, because I toogle a LED every time it sending an ASCII out)

Note2: I have a Bluetooth Dongle BlueSoleil & it shows the Arduino BT is working (when I connect it)

Thank to any help

Actually, I need to:

Close BlueSoleil monitor, set Hyperterminal to COM5 (in may case) 115200, 8N1! Then connecting the Hyperterminal … it works!

Cheers :wink: