How well do you know your diodes?

A small test, to test your working knowledge of diodes :)

83%. A bit vague on Schottky construction and voltage grading of Zeners. And a couple of poorly defined questions.

Can't win em all.

93%, but they have the answer to Q8 wrong AFAICT.

Also Q5 doesn't give enough information as an 8.2V nominal zener will have a nominal current at which the voltage is defined and they don't tell you.

They are obsessed with schottky diodes! Yet nothing about reverse leakage current at high temperatures (which is the achilles heel of schottky's).

Q17 - several of the answers are reasonable.

I got that 8.2v right simply because when current goes up so too does the voltage or I’d have been stumped, I only got about 60% or so.