How would I divide frequency with this IC: MC74AC4040 or SN5497 or DM74ALS175

How would I divide frequency with ICs described in the datasheets?

I must jump Q(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) pins somehow. Am I correct?

I want to get a pulse on the output every N pulses on the input at frequencies up to 25MHz.
I want N to be adjustable with a set of jumpers or something of this nature.

N would either be 2,3,4,5,6

So I will divide my frequency by a factor of 2 to 6. I need this for an experiment I am preparing so I am not sure what exactly I want, but I know the range.

How can I divide frequency by the order of 10, 100, 1000, 10n ? Is there a convenient IC for that?

Thank you.

The ripple counter has outputs for f/2, f/4, f/8 ... 5497 is a devide by n counter, where n can be any number 1 .. 63 If you need /10 /100 /1000.. Get 3 decade counters chained

knut_ny: 5497 is a devide by n counter, where n can be any number 1 .. 63

How is that value of 'n' entered into the IC?

In other chips I wire Q pins to the ground or to the output to get the right value?

The divider as a binary number on pins B0…B5

see dataseet, 1st page

This is the part that I didn't get about the datasheet. I am sorry. I looked at this equation and I couldn't find where those letters come from.

F,E,D,C,B,A are pins B5 to B0 that I input a binary value to? or are they pins B0 to B5?


F = B5

They are all pretty hard to find ICs. Which one should I choose?

There are several "divide by N" counters. Search ebay / google it.

For frequencies less than 8 MHz, even an arduino can do job, using a timer/counter.