How would I go about replicating this project?

Hello, I've been trying to replicate this tutorial

In the second picture (the one with the red writing on it) I'm not quite sure how he uses the diodes and motor grounds he specifies in the supply list. it seems as if he just solders the diode behind and next to the male connector.

I'm also not quiet sure how he takes the 12v current, attaches it to the voltage regulator, and gives power to both the board and the motors.

And lastly I am not sure how he uses the transistors either, as you can see I'm pretty confused on this.

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Did you see the schematic about halfway down the page? Just above the program listing.

FYI the code on that page is not ideal. The delay(1000) has the potential to lead to missed doses, it should be more like delay(500).

it should be more like delay(500).

It should be more like "not there at all" :wink: