How would I Set and Clear [Solved]

I fixed it…
I just threw it away as a bad receiver


Adafruit_GPS.h (3.36 KB)

Adafruit_GPS.cpp (7.72 KB)

GPS_Time_Date_TFT_2_6_5.ino (12.4 KB)

Yep, you lost me :wink:

On the Arduino you still have the sei() and cli() functions for disabling and enabling interrupts.

Having said that, interrupts are often abused. The trick with an interrupt is to do as little processing (and hence take as little time) as you can possibly get away with. For things like receiving packets of data through RS232 it is as simple as reading the data into a buffer and setting a global variable to say the buffer has a packet in it. Your main loop() then checks that variable and handles the packet. If there is an error in the data, then it's the loop() part that has to deal with it, not the interrupt. All the interrupt has to deal with is receiving a single character and adding it to the buffer, and deciding if the buffer has a complete packet in it or not - something that should not cause any problems with sending data and commands to a GLCD.

I'm not familiar with that GLCD - most of my GLCD work has been done with KS0108. It take it this display is one of the raw clocked data displays? One where you have to constantly refresh the image to keep it on the screen, kind of like a TV? If so I'd be more inclined to go for a display that has a display controller of some kind with it to off-load the display updates, and you just send commands to it to draw pixels/lines/boxes/text etc.

I fixed it...
I just threw it away as a bad receiver