How would i use my android phone with an arduino?

Hey guys i have seen this quite alot on my hunt for an arduino controlling android methood. 1 seems to be sound. would it be possible at all? i found . and

thanks ryan :)

The developer of one of the serial over audio says you can email him to get how to do it. i think its just the android application part as it connects direct into the TX & RX

Shades of Zenith! One of the first remotes was a 'pinger' or 'xylophone' remote. A mechanical remote that would strike tuned metal bars which would operate power, channels and volume.

Inside the TV was a microphone that was amplified and fed several tuned circuits. When a tone came in it activated the corresponding circuit which would activate the function needed.

It's draw back was that you could jingle your keys at it and have it go nuts. :-D

I would suspect you'd want to generate sequential tones of long enough duration that the arduino could decode them. That would help cut down errors. I do not think the arduino can easily decode dual tone multifrequency codes but they would make errors less likely.

This would make it slightly easier. DTMF circuit

This is a DTMF shield for the arduino

It would be up to you to stick a microphone and a mini audio amp on that to pick up the tones and have the arduino decode them for use.

You would also want an app for the android to generate the tones loud enough to be decoded. I can get tones out of mine but they are not from the main speaker.

This is also a nice possibility: