how write arduino yun to mysql data base

dear all, i'm new here and i have some problems trying to write on a data base mysql.... some parameters. I have the data base name, the IP address, username and passwordd, but i could not reach to nothing with it... any idea?

Is the database running on the Yun?


  1. You can refer to my previous question on forum.

  2. Using get method to transfer your sensor data to the database

Process p;
p.addParameter(“http://YourWebAddressOrIP/db/db.php?dataA=” + String(ValueDataA));

  1. Create your own database

  2. In db.php: GET the value String(ValueDataA)

<?php $_GET["dataA"] = $dataA; $link = new mysqli(localhost,username,password,Database); $sql = "INSERT INTO DBname(dataA) VALUES('$dataA');"; $result = $link-> query($sql); ?>

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