Howdo I install a driver for Adruino Loenardo?

How and where can I find the driver for the Adruino Loenardo? I am using a Romeo Board and they said to use the Loenardo. I need help finding it.
I am getting error "can not find com port?
When I use the Adruino Uno, the software works.
Is the driver in the software or do I need to download it? Also, How do I install the driver? Do I need to install the driver in a folder for Arduino?
Thank you all for your help.
New at this.

What is a Romeo board?
Link to spec/data will help.

What version IDE?
What OS ?

If you are new to Arduino, what programming and hardware experience do you have?

Thanks.. Tom.. :slight_smile:

You need to select the Loenardo from the processors in the list in the menu off the tools menu.
The same goes for the com port. When all else fails read the instructions.