howto autoreset  without Arduino IDE


I have a Duemilanove running in a remote place. I developed on a windows machine, while the board was here.

Now this board board is connected to a Linux machine running an older version of Scientific Linux (SL 4.6 Beryllium). So I could neighther get the Arduino IDE nor the needed version of avr-gcc get running on that machine. (The problem is mainly the old version of the glibc ... hard to update these, I guess) But avrdude is running on that machine :-)

So I decided to bugfix on my Windows machine, upload the Intel Hex-file to that Linux machine, and use avrdude to flash it to the flashrom.

The problem is, I do not know how to get the FTDI driver to pull the RTS line low prior to the avrdude call. And there is nobody in the area to press the button for me.

Does anybody know how to do this?

Actually I would also like to add some more questions: 1) Is it correct, that I only have to upload the Intel hex-file that is generated by my Windows Arduino IDE in .../sketchbook/project1/applet/project1.hex

2) Do you think this call of avrdude is correct? ./avrdude -p m168 -c avrisp -P /dev/myArduino -b 19200 -F -n -C avrdude.conf -U flash:w:project1.hex:i

3) I tried to retrieve the current eeprom and flash images like this: ./avrdude -p m168 -c avrisp -P /dev/myArduino -b 19200 -F -n -C avrdude.conf -U flash:r:flashdump.hex:i

But the flashdump.hex is not very similar to the project1.hex that I have created on my windows machine. Is there a problem with the reading of flash images, or is the bootloader included in the image?

Thanks in advance Dominik

Sorry I’m an idiot.

since the reading of the flash using the avrdude already worked.
One could deduce that the autoreset worked as well … otherwise the Bootloader would not have answered.

So I finally dared to flash my board from some 100km away …
and it worked.


best regards and sorry for the nonsense posting.